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Francisco Cabrero's Building Rehabilitation

Built | 2010 | Barcelona | Education, Restoration, Modern Restoration | Francisco Cabrero was one of the most important architects of the forties, fifties and sixties in Spain. Cabrero experimented with the miesian postulates, to which he incorporated elements of the Mediterranean tradition, rigorous constructive austerity and an extreme abstraction.
Cabrero built the building for Jose Antonio Giron Vocational School in just three months in the summer of 1968. It is his only building in Barcelona.
40 years later, the building was partially ruined, transformed and underutilized.
Rehabilitation technically strengthens the building, retrieves abstract and open spaces of the original building and houses an ambitious program of High School consisting in Auditorium, library, specialized classrooms and dining rooms for students and teachers.
(In association with Xavier Güell).

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