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La Peña Multi-Sport Pavilion

Built | 2006 | Bilbao | Sport | La Pena is one of the areas that suffered more from Bilbao’s post-industrial restructuring. For most of the twentieth century, the area was an open pit mining surrounded by dwellings for workers.
This part of the city keeps its shape of a narrow and curve bank between an open cast mining and a natural abrupt slope hillside, profoundly affected by the industrialization.
The sport complex must support the social transformation of the zone and it is actually the only public facility of the neighborhood.
The lot is a reduced and irregular piece of terrain, literally residual, that opens a way between the rear and unaligned façades of a group of housing buildings and the almost vertical wall of a natural hillside, in which there are many train tracks and highways. The new commuter train station and the metallic structure of the existent pediment determine the extremes of the lot. All the perimeter of the lot has a changing slope with very different levels.
The sports center is a broken volume serving the multitude of easements and different situations that determine the solar, which attempts to answer a semi-transparent enclosure of black precast concrete and glass.
Between the inner skin and the sporting uses there is a boundary space adapted to the site complexity. It serves as the entrance hall, organizes the different circulations, shows to the visitors the vertical distribution of the building and, in a geographical region with so low lighting levels, it introduces overhead light to fill all the spaces with the material strength of light in an ex mining neighborhood, where the light never came in.

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