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Offices and Laboratories

Built | 2003 | Erandio | Offices, Labs | This complex of four buildings should house 40,000 m2 of work areas and almost 1,000 parking spaces in a gently sloping green field site.
The embodiment of the new buildings tried to retain the atmosphere of the landscape comprising two rolling hills against a background of low mountains. The volume was divided into three elongated buildings, two glazed and the other one made out of granite and concrete, which were to be placed upon the different levels of the hill. A fourth cubic building, also glazed, forms a square with the stone one that opens up onto the widest valley.
The four buildings correspond to offices building (the two glazed linear buildings), common services (the stone linear block) and labs (the glazed cube).
The glass façades draw in the humid and misty landscape typical of the region. It was intended that the complex retained a recognizable scale despite its size, and that each working space should possess an understandable relationship with the rest of the building and surroundings.
The two parallel prisms catch an enclosed atrium in which it is located, floating in the air, a volume to accommodate a Logistic Center. Inside the glazed buildings, stone is widely used for partially cover the structure and build long thresholds near the curtain walls.
During the night the front of the stone block facing the background is bathed in blue light and displays the public and territorial service character of the complex.

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