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Public Swimming Pools and SPA Center

Project | 2003 | Bilbao | Sport | The aim of the proposal is to maintain the innocence of the place. Two calmed light pieces let enter the hill and repeat some mild inclinations of small valleys and slopes of the area.
The building and the organization of access and wide outside areas lengthens the park near to the city's residential plot and promotes its visual and pedestrian connection.
The facades and matte stainless steel roofs are close to the ground and almost cause a topographic continuity. At the same time, they establish a close relationship with the colors and dynamics roofs of the nearby Victorian-style palace.
The proposal also arises from a particular understanding of the cultural reality of water. Water is not only in the vessels of the pools. In the Basque country, water is an essential element of soil and air. In the building, the water mixes with the enclosures, the valleys of the roofs, the deep light of the courtyards and the shadows of the inner folds, where they reflect both the vessel water as the rain water.

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