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Sports Center and Technology Museum

Project | 2011 | Vitoria-Gazteiz | Sport, Culture, Museum | In the same plot, of tight dimensions, two buildings were to be constructed to house such different programs as a Sports Center and a Museum of Technology.
The Sports Center features an ambitious program of indoor sports courts, gymnasiums and an urban golf practice court with 250 m of useful length. It is complemented with a cafeteria and a gastronomic restaurant.
The design changes the traditional scheme for a sports building. The proposal divides the program into three superimposed horizontal layers. The three form a compact rectangular container, which is indifferently placed over the arborous and green hillside.
The bottom layer is the athletes’ level, a plane in which all the sports courts, gyms and dressing rooms live together. The intermediate layer is the public level, containing the accesses to the center, restaurants and through it, spectators can watch all the games that are being played at the bottom layer, through the large rectangles that perforate the public surface, matching the sports courts.
The result is an unprecedented public interior due to its size, transparency and sportive simultaneity.
The highest layer is the golf practice court. It is bordered all along by the high tree tops that surround it. For its size, its geometrical introduction in the nature and the distant emotion from other architectural pieces, it might possess the archaic character of a Mayan Palenque, directly related with the air, nature and sports.
The Museum of Technology is perhaps opposed to other similar museums. The Museum is a concrete prism, without window frames, nor constructive details. It is a deposit of a recent memory, a place of a dubious present which is yet to be labeled.
It has a large opening that will never be closed. The memory, like a remembrance or a dream, should be always open.
The opening leads to a porch. It is a shaded place, open to the exterior, which serves as a meeting point and reception porch.
As in popular architecture, it is a dry place for the tools, the animals or the harvest, the space in which the land and the house are linked together, as is the building with the landscape. It is a void also filled with memory, which identifies the museum with its culture, the technology with the geography.
The upper exhibition room has concrete floors and walls and a ceiling permeable to natural light.
It is strange that a place can display or keep technology, perhaps because technology, such as forgetfulness, must live with the time and its constant unstable will of permanence.

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