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Photo credits:
Aleix Bagué (Penthouse, Data Processing Center, Offices and Laboratories, Satellite Center, Inem Headquarters Z, La Peña Multisport Pavilion, Health Department Headquarters, Olympic Ice Arena, Software and Biotechnology Plants, E8 Building and Firemen House fotographs).
César San Millán (Technical Services Center, Police Headquarters and Data Processing Center -without tower- photographs).
Jacinto Esteban (Inem Headquarters HU photographs).
Jep Brengaret and Ana Cazorla (OLS in Barcelona and F. Cabrero’s Building Rehabilitation)
Juan Rodríguez (Firemen House and Policemen House photographs).
COLL-BARREU ARQUITECTOS (the rest of photographs and images of the web and blog with no explicit mention).
Video credits are shown at the bottom.
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Special Thanks to:
All people, companies, institutions and direct or indirect collaborators that participated in the creation of this site.

João Gomes Leitão, César Cebrián, João Pereira de Sousa y Carlos Estévez García, COLL-BARREU ARQUITECTOS Bilbao and Madrid offices.

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